How do I create DNS records for my list's domain?

When you order a list using your own domain name, new DNS records are needed so that your mailing-list emails get delivered to our Sympa servers.

Adding the records is commonly done on your web-hosting company's website. You can login to your account there and find a link to something like 'Domain Manager', or 'Custom DNS Records'.

The records you will need to add are:

Below are examples illustrating the DNS entries for the domain: The data that needs to be entered into your records can be found in your Account.

Examples only. Not for use.

(3600 seconds = 1 hour)

(for SPF)

(for DMARC)

When your DNS records have been added and have propagated around the world (which can take a couple of hours) we can then create the SSL certificate for your list, plus add a key for one more record:

Although not essential for your list to function, a DKIM record will help prevent your list emails getting tagged as spam.

(for DKIM)